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Unoccupied Home Insurance

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CDC Insurance provide Unoccupied Home Insurance to those with unoccupied properties in Broadstairs, Kent or nation-wide.

An Unoccupied Home Insurance policy covers your home or property when it is empty for longer than your standard policy allows. Standard home insurance will normally allow your property or home to be empty for up to 60 days. If anything were to happen to your home outside of this period you won’t be covered.

When will you need an unoccupied insurance policy?

Here are a few situations that would require you to get unoccupied home insurance:

  • If you plan on travelling or going on holiday for a long period of time
  • It’s your second property and not your main residence
  • If you let your property out, but you are between tenants
  • If you have to move out during renovations or building work
  • If your property is left unoccupied while waiting for it’s sale to complete

Unoccupied Insurance Cover

Your unoccupied home insurance policy can give you cover for a number of damage or loss types:

  • Any criminal damage that occurs while your property is empty
  • Your policy can cover any legal fees that may incur from dealing with squatters
  • If your unoccupied property causes any damage to the public’s property. For example; if a roof tile falls and hits someones car (public liability)
  • Any damaged caused by floods, storms or fires while unoccupied
  • Leaks and water damage if a pipe bursts while you’re away
  • If your property is broken into and personal items are stolen

Unoccupied Insurance Exclusions

With every insurance policy there are exclusions that won’t count towards your cover:

  • Damage or loss caused by unlocked or open doors or windows
  • Any damage caused by new extensions or structural repairs
  • Damage caused by third parties, like contractors. Contractors should have an insurance policy of their own.
Unoccupied Insurance

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