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Second Home Insurance

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CDC Insurance provide Second Home Insurance to those with properties in Broadstairs, Kent or nation-wide.

Second home insurance is an insurance policy that covers a property that is not your main home or residence. If you own a second home or property, it’s not realistic think you can protect it just as much as your first home, which can leave your second home vulnerable and at risk.

Second Home Insurance Cover:

Second home insurance can cover your second home in a variety of different situations. Take a look at the list below to see if you need a second home insurance policy:

  • Your second home is left unoccupied for 30 consecutive days or more
  • You only use your second home on the weekends
  • You use your home for work during the week, away from your family home
  • You only use your second home as a holiday home
  • You let out your second home to tenants while you don’t live there

When is a home considered a second home?

When you own multiple properties and even spend time in all of them a considerable amount, its difficult to determine which property would be considered your main residence. When making this decision, its best to consider where most of your belongings are kept and where you would likely spend most time.

Also consider:

  • Where any legal documents are addressed to (passport, driving license)
  • Where your car is registered
  • Which property is seen as your family home

As your insurance provider, we will take all these points into consideration to help determine which property is your main residense and which property is a second home.

Second Home Insurance Exclusions

Your second home insurance policy may not cover the types of damage and loss below:

  • Damage caused by pets.
  • Malicious damage caused by someone legally allowed to be inside the property.
  • Damage caused by faulty workmanship or the defective designs of your property.
  • Loss or damage caused by rising groundwater
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