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Personal Insurance

Providing East Kent with expert personal insurance services since the 1980’s. What are you looking for?


Home & Property Insurance

CDC Insurance provide Home & Property Insurance to those living in Broadstairs, Kent or nation-wide. Home & Property Insurance is always neccessary. It provides protection for your home and the contents within it.


Car Insurance

CDC Insurance provide Car Insurance to those living in Broadstairs, Kent or nation-wide. Our Car Insurance covers you against any financial loss, but the amount of protection depends on what kind of car insurance policy…


Travel Insurance

CDC Insurance provide Travel Insurance to those living in Broadstairs, Kent or nation-wide. Travel Insurance is very important if you value peace of mind when on holiday or just abroad.


Buildings Insurance

Buildings insurance covers the cost of repairing any damage to your home or property; this includes garages, sheds, fences, pipes, cables and drains. Your buildings insurance policy should cover the full cost of rebuilding…


Contents Insurance

Contents insurance covers the cost of replacing any of your belongings within your home if they are detroyed, damaged or stolen. What belongings are covered? It’s a general rule that any belongings that you would take…


High-Value Home Insurance

High-Value Home Insurance is an adept insurance policy that is specifically designed to give high-value homeowners peace of mind. If you live in an expensive home, High-Value Home Insurance secures an amount…


Non-Standard Home Insurance

A non-standard house is a property built out of materials that are rarely used to construct houses. A standard house in the UK is made out of brick or stone, with a roof made from tile or slate.


Holiday Home Insurance

Holiday Home Insurance covers any repairs or reconstruction to your damaged holiday home. Whether your holiday home is in the UK or the other side of the world, it can still fall victim to any number of situations…


Second Home Insurance

Second home insurance is an insurance policy that covers a property that is not your main residence. If you own a second home or property, you simply can’t be there all the time to protect your property, which can…


Property Renovations Insurance

Property Renovations Insurance is there to protect your home against risks when it is under major or minor renovation. These risks can be fire, flood, theft or even malicious damage. Your home or property can be vulnerable…


Unoccupied Insurance

An Unoccupied Home Insurance policy covers your home or property when it is empty for longer than your standard policy allows. Standard home insurance will normally allow your property or home to be empty for…


Let Property Insurance

A Let Property Insurance policy will allow you to safely let or rent your property to an outside party. This will protect your property from damage or neglect from this outside party, allowing you to rent out your property…


Motor Homes, Touring Caravans & Static Homes Insurance

Motor Home Insurance will cover your vehicle, you and your passengers for damage, accidents and theft. Like with car insurance, motorhome insurance is a legal requirement in order to operate your vehicle.

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