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Commercial Combined Insurance

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CDC Insurance provide Commercial Combined Insurance to businesses & business owners based in Broadstairs, Kent or nation-wide.

Commercial Combined Insurance is a complete, comprehensive business cover all in one policy which brings together a variation of common covers which are often required by business owners. Commercial Combined Insurance is usually a great fit for smaller businesses, wholesalers, engineers and manufacturers.

Commercial Combined Insurance Cover

There are many types of cover you can get through a comercial combined insurance policy – here are a few:

  • Employers Liability insurance: This insurance type is a legal requirement if you have employees, in case of any employees experience injuries or illnesses. Read more about employers’ liability insurance here.
  • Warehouse insurance: This will cover any theft or damage of stock inside your warehouse. This type may require certain security measures to be put in place.
  • Product liability insurance: This is useful for manufacturers or distributors of a product. It provides cover if any of your products cause injuries to the public due to being faulty.
  • Public liability insurance: This insurance type provides personal cover for legal costs brought on by claims against you by members of the public. Read more about public liability insurance here.
  • Stock cover: Does your company hold a lot of stock? This type of insurance will cover your business if any burglaries take place and if stock is stolen or your stock gets damaged.

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