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Business Insurance

Providing business insurance to companies and business owners in Kent. What type of business insurance are you looking for?

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Fleet Insurance

Fleet Insurance is a businesses insurance for companies or organisations that have two or more vehicles. Fleet Insurance allows your company to insure multiple vehicles, including; cars…


Tenanted & Unoccupied Property

Tenanted Property Insurance is important protection for property owners who have tenants occupying their property. It will provide cover for the building itself and any belongings, such as furnishings…


Commercial Combined Insurance

Commercial Combined Insurance is a complete, comprehensive business cover all in one policy which brings together a variation of common covers which are often required by business owners. Commercial Combined…


Professional Indemnity

A Professional Indemnity Insurance policy will safeguard you against claims for loss or damage made by your clients or third parties as a result of the impact of services or advice you have offered. This is an important…


Employers Liability

A Employers Liability Insurance policy protects businesses against legal and compensation expenses from claims made by employees. It’s a vital type of business insurance, because if one of your employees sustains any…


Public Liability

Our Public liability Insurance policies cover the cost of claims made by members of the public for incidents that occur in connection with your business activities. Public liability insurance covers the cost of…


Construction Sector Insurance

Construction Sector Insurance is an umbrella term given to various types of insurance policies that cover property damage, third-party injuries or standard damage claims.


Personal Accident & Business Travel

A Personal Accident and Business Travel policy provides business travellers with cover for costs arising from unfortunate events during business travel, including medical expenses, loss of baggage or money, cancellation…


Management Liability

A Management Liability Insurance policy will provide peace of mind to a business’ directors, officers, senior managers and others whose professional leadership roles expose them to scrutiny from shareholders, employees…

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